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I love Child Photography in Vernon!  I love the different families and children I meet and walking into a session I never know what kind of challenges or joys I will find.

I feel this session with adorable Aidan, Isabel and Ava (my daughters name so obviously I was very excited to meet another little Ava) was a session that was so satisfying because, had you been there, you probably would have seen things a bit different.

You probably would have seen two very excited twins, age 2, wanting to explore their environment and the idea of “posing” for a photographer they have never met, doesn’t sound all that fun.  You would have seen a one year old, with a cold, on a rather cold October afternoon (the day before Halloween no less) again, thinking a stranger with a camera isn’t the best idea of a Sunday afternoon.

BUT here is where the magic happens.  Here is where 11 years of experience and a few tricks up my sleeve, creates a gallery that lets mom know that although it may have been a rather tiring experience, and she was worried I wasn’t able to  get some beautiful images; I surprise her.  We pulled it all together and we we got some AMAZINGLY beautiful images of the kiddos she adores so much.

I value sessions with moms and their kids so much because as mom, I know how tiring and exhausting it can all be.  I also know how madly, deeply, over the top crazy, we love our kids and that creating artful images of this beautiful stage of life is so important.  Between the tears, runny noses and lack of sleep, this crazy thing called parenthood creates the most precious memories and I am honoured I was able to create some for this beautiful little family!

Baby Bliss Photography specializes in newborn and baby photography in Kelowna and surrounding areas including Vernon & does Child  Photography in Vernon.

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