Twin Newborn Photographer, Baby Bliss Photography, Captures Twin Boys

As an Okanagan Newborn Photographer specializing in twin newborn photography, I was absolutely thrilled to book a session with Ben and Lize’s handsome sons. Luka and Ruben.

Speaking to them initially from Palm Springs while I was away on spring break with my family, I had an immediate connection to Lize and the excitement her and Ben were experiencing, awaiting the arrival of their boys.  A scheduled c-section they had a date and time they were counting down till their family would be complete.

I also assured her that I had lots of experience photographing newborn twins.  Multiple babies make any newborn portrait session a little more  challenging but oh so worth it.  To have twin newborn portraits for these boys to look back on when they are older is priceless.

Spending time with each little man individually too was important to capture each boys individual charm and uniqueness.

Visiting from South Africa for the birth, and staying until to August to help this family adjust to their new life of twin boys, I was thrilled that grandma and grandpa wanted to be in some portraits too.  What a gift they are giving their family by being here to help.  And what baby wouldn’t want grandparent snuggles!

For twin newborn photography, the session went extremely well.  Both boys settled in their group poses relatively well and they allowed me to create some more difficult poses.  Award for most focused mom however goes to Lize.  As we wanted to get both boys in her arms, she endured a gruelling amount of time to get the pose just right.  She managed it through sheer determination.  I am so impressed Lize and you have a beautiful portrait of you and your boys to love forever because of it!

Ben and Lize, you make a stunning family of four!  Congratulations on the arrival of your handsome boys!

I look forward to capturing them as they grow!!!

Baby Bliss Photography specializes in newborn, baby & family photography in Kelowna and Vernon and is an Okanagan Newborn Photographer

Twin Photographer

Twin Newborn Photographer, Baby Bliss Photography, Captures Twin Boys
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