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I’ve been a Vernon Photographer for over 14 years and nothing brings me more joy than working with a family that I have known for years.

The Daniel Family has been near and dear to my heart since I first met mom, Kim, when I was pregnant with our first child, Jack. That was in 2010.

Kim was one of my pre-natal doctors and ended up delivering Jack. It was a rather challenging delivery; ending in an emergency c-section. I will never forget asking Kim, as the monitors started to alert us to an issue, whether everything was okay. She calming said “yes” and then prepared me and my husband for the c-section that was to come. Weeks later I asked her how serious our situation had been and she told me that it could have definitely had a more serious outcome. In my mind, she saved our little boy and I am forever thankful how she handled our situation with assurance and compassion.

She was also there for the birth of our daughter three years later. She had worked a long, draining shift the day she found out I had been admitted. The nurses suggested she go home and let another doctor take over. She politely responded “no” and that level of friendship and devotion still brings a tear to my eye. After 14 hours of trying to delivery naturally, I again was facing a c-section. While being prepped, Kim stood by me (when my husband wasn’t quite yet prepped to be in our room) and told me how strong I was and how she was there for me.

I seriously love this woman. It’s our daughters 6 birthday in three days and those memories of Kim’s love will be forever with me.

To photograph her beautiful boys as newborns, and so many subsequent family portraits, is so meaningful to me.

Daniel family, you mean the world to me and I am so thankful I get to capture such beautiful family portraits for you!

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